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PTE Academic Preparation Courses

We offer several PTE course structures with flexible timings so that every student can work on improving his English. Whether you are a week away from your PTE exams or have decided to start preparing in advance, we have programs that meet every student’s requirements. Enrol yourself into one of the PTE programs, and let our experienced trainers help you improve your English and communication skills.

Here are some of the PTE programs which differ in time duration.

The Proficient

This program is for students who have 1-2 months left before the exam. The course is spread to a span of 40 hrs and 5 mock test. Students who are not confident about their preparations can join this program and work on improving their skills.

The Expert’s

Most suitable program for students who are a weeks away from their PTE exams. This program mostly suits students who are fully prepared but need quick catch-up. The course is spread over a time span of one month with 15 classes and six days a week.


Groomy program involves skill enhancement classes, and anyone who is looking forward to work on his communication skills can join the program. Course time is personalized and can be set as per the requirements of a student.

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