Classroom Deliveries with Interactive Sessions

Ace PTE is a place where every student gets a full-exposure from our trainers. We understand how difficult it can get for a student to learn in a class of 30-40 students. Therefore, we ensure the maximum capacity in every class does not surpass 10 students. We try to spend as much of time as we can with every student to understand his/her capabilities.

We rely on face-to-face classroom delivery to train our students. Each student gets a chance to improve his communication skills and work on building his confidence. Since there are only ten students in each class, the sessions become interactive as well as informative.

The classroom interactions also give the students an opportunity to ask their doubts and queries to our highly qualified trainers and get them cleared straight away.

Building interest is one of the key factors to learn anything, and therefore our trainers make sure that their sessions are not only informative but interesting and interactive as well. We try to involve the students in several activities where they not only improve their English, but also build confidence.

Furthermore, these interactive sessions also help the students to retain the information for a longer time, so that they can give their best in the PTE exam


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