• Current Aptitude in English

    We want to make sure that you walk out of our institute door as a person with splendid communication skills. We start by conducting a self-evaluating test, which helps us to understand your current level. The test itself focuses on the different area of the language such as language structure, spellings, and your capacity to compose a sentence. Based on the test results, you can then pick the most suitable program as well as it’s time duration.

  • Your Expectations and Your Goals

    What score are you expecting? In which country are you planning to move? These are a few of the questions which can affect your decision. Based on your previous score (if you have given a test in the past), and your knowledge about the test formats, we can help you pick one of the programs.

  • Time Availability

    As we mentioned earlier, time plays a vital role in picking a program. Our programs vary in time span, starting from multi-week to programs lasting for months. Based on the time span between the present date and your test date, you can decide which program suits your requirements the best.

  • The Price

    Last but not the least, the price of programs. Since our programs have different time-spans, the prices vary as well.