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IELTS Program Schedule

Ace PTE is always ready to help students crack their IELTS exam. Whether the student needs a quick lesson before the exam or in-depth English mentoring, Ace PTE is ready to help every student improve his English proficiency, reading, writing, and listening.

We offer a wide range of IELTS courses which are suitable for students to achieve their target score in their IELTS exam.

Here are the IELTS program courses and their time spans.


The program is specially designed for students who have only a week or two left before their IELTS exam and need a quick revision. The time interval for the program is one week with five classes.


Most suitable program for students who want to work on their reading, speaking and listening from scratch. The course is spread over a time span of one month having 20 classes which are more than enough for a student to work on his skills.

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