The best key point for me was the way she pushes you to work hard and makes you to achieve your goals. Sometimes, to me it seems like it wasn’t me who’s working hard but it was shweta ma’am, who is putting all her effort in to make sure that we achieve our desired points.…


Shweta is an excellent tutor and she can diagnose that what are your strengths and weakness, she is very effective in making us understand what to work on and how.If you think you cant get scores in pte come here and see for your self that how effective it is.

Ajisegbede Temitayo

Simply APT!!!!!!!! Well at first i was sckeptical but when i ventured into it…..t’was totally amazing. She’s a very good teacher, kind and patient even when you keep hitting the block……if you think you cannot pass either ielts or pte, it a big lie….just make sure you make your way to shweta and all your…

Seethal Britto

The way of teaching and guidance she provides are speechless…Infact, she’s encouraging everyone to reach the goal. She gave me many tricks and tips, which actually helped me. It’s simply awesome!!!